Green Thumb is Not Necessary When Planting in May

Just about every vegetable and annual will do able-bodied if buried in May so even amateur gardeners will acquaintance success. This is abnormally accurate in Southern California area the acclimate is absolute for bounce gardens.

Plant Balmy Season Flowers: Some flowers just do bigger if the acclimate (and soil) is warm. These annuals are in their prime through August so bulb them in May for four months of active color. They cover begonia, chrysanthemum, geranium, marigold, petunia and verbena. If you wish flowers year round, bulb perennials such as African daisy, delphinium, fuchsia, lavender, salvia and coreopsis.

Water Smart: Let the acclimate be your adviser if watering. However, as a rule, it’s best to baptize best and beneath frequently than watering a few account a day. This encourages bulb roots to strengthen as they ability added down into the clay gluttonous moisture. Baptize the clay about your flowers and vegetable plants, not the plants themselves. Watering at the basis can advance to ache and fungus.

Add Fragrance To Your Annual Garden: Colorful flowers accomplish up alone allotment of an adorable garden. Fragrance is aswell important. Consider burying these ambrosial shrubs this month: all types of dwarf citrus, gardenia, jasmine and roses.

Experiment With Vegetables: Most nurseries accept the accepted tomatoes, zucchini and peppers accessible for planting, but try something altered this year–sweet potatoes, okra-even peanuts.

Plant Wildflowers: Native plants are about hardier and use beneath baptize than non-native plants. Wildflowers are acclimated to getting on their own-with little affliction necessary. Sprinkle wildflower seeds in a bald or hard-to-get-to area and they’ll anon ample the space. A lot of wildflowers are annuals that will accumulate advancing aback year afterwards year. You’ll acquisition packets of these California wildflowers at a lot of nurseries: penstemon, buckwheat, lupine, Creeping Mountain Lilac, California poppy, Evening Primrose, Golden Yarrow and Verbena.

Add A Band Of Organic Mulch: Maintain a two to three-inch band of admixture throughout your annual and vegetable gardens. The admixture helps advance acknowledgment clay temperatures, holds in moisture, enables roots to extend added into the clay and suppresses edger growth. The admixture will eventually decompose, abacus nutrients to the soil.

Time For Backyard Maintenance: The clay beneath lawns bunched over time. If you’re watering and the baptize is active off instead of assimilation in, it’s time aerate and dethatch the backyard so baptize can calmly access to the roots. Apply a ablaze band of backyard topping to authority in damp and abate baptize usage.

– Fragrant Roses